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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate does my Chronograph Data need to be to get my RFBC Custom turret built?

(Generally speaking the better the Data the better your RFBC Turret will be, using our Online HuskemawOptics BC Calculator the velocity can be trued. This will require Shot Data to be input though.

How Many different turrets do I need?

Three distinct turrets will cover a lot, 2000/50, 6000/40, 1000/40.

How do I choose the correct turret for my hunt?

The rule of thumb is +/- 2000 Feet on elevation and +/- 25 degrees on temp.

Does Huskemaw build turrets for other manufacturers scopes?


Is the Huskemaw scope in the first focal plane or the second?

Huskemaw Blue Diamond scopes are all second focal plane.

Is the published ammo data sufficient for building an accurate turret?

While this would be info to build a turret, SHOT DATA is an indication of your firearms specificcharacteristics and will always yield better results.

Do Huskemaw scopes work on all makes and calibers of gun?

Yes, if shot data can be collected a turret can be made.

Should I save money on my firearms package by spending more money on the gun and less money on Optics?

If you can’t see what your shooting at money does not always buy accuracy.

Will my turret be burned to show out to a thousand yards?

Your standard RFBC turret will show yardage for one full revolution depending on the trajectory, foryour cartridge it may or may not, there will usually be clicks available out past 1000 yds but will have to be manually counted. That being said the Pop Up RFBC turret debuting this summer will allow printed yardage on the turret for two full revolutions.

Are the wind values always based on a 10mph wind on my Huskemaw scope?